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Join Our Team and Be a Green Defender!

Would you like to be a part of our mission to save our coastal lines?
Any individuals with a heart to safeguard our planet can join us on the endless journey to clean-up our coastal lines. We need people to join hands to provide solutions and end marine pollution.

Spread the Mission

Contributions at an individual level are essential for spreading our mission globally. We need individuals to be ambassadors for carrying our message and impacting the community. Follow us on social media to join the movement.


Create a Wave of Difference!
Volunteer with us for the beach clean-up drive to stop marine pollution for a better tomorrow! Add your name to the growing list of groups and individuals committed to working together based on our shared Vision and Principles.


Marine pollution is a global issue, and we are working to address it globally. We recognise that we cannot accomplish our task alone, and we invite and urge partners to help us. We are looking for long-term partners to make this project successful and have shared responsibilities in saving our planet. To know more about our Partnerships, mail us at


To continue building our movement against marine littering and pollution, we provide our supporters with another way to contribute to our mission. When you purchase our products, a donation will be made to support the Beach Clean-up drives.

Become a Sponsor

As a non-profit organisation, sponsorships and in-kind support enable us to work towards our goal of protecting our marine environment from pollution. Everything we do is based on collaboration. Your contribution to the Clean Shoreline project will enable We Grow Forest Foundation to achieve the Blue Flag Certification for our beaches. We are already associated with United Nations’ Global Partnership on Marine Litter in our efforts. We are always looking for associations with different partners in our quest to eliminate the pollution from our beaches.

How you make a difference

Your contribution towards the Clean Shoreline is used in the most effective and sustainable way possible. Your contributions help us in the following ways

Waste Bins

Separate waste bins create awareness about waste segregation as coloured bins help people to identify which type of waste has to be disposed off in which bin.

Art for Awareness

Art forms create awareness about the importance of beach clean-up. Through the use of wall paintings, we inspire people to join us for the Clean Shoreline project.


The hoardings act as an information source for everyone to know more about the Clean Shoreline project and influence them to join us for the beach clean-up.

Water Dispenser

We provide volunteers with food and refreshments after the clean-up. The water dispensers will help us in the same and eliminate the individual water bottles.

T-Shirt & Caps

Providing maximum exposure to your brand is our duty when you contribute to our cause. So, we provide the volunteers with t-shirts & caps branded with your logo.

Trash Pickers

We use trash pickers for situations where the trash is in a dangerous place or is out of reach. This facilitates an effective and proper clean-up of our beaches.

Sanitary Products

We make sure that the volunteers are safe from diseases and infections, so help us provide sanitary products like gloves, sanitisers, etc., for the same.

CCTV Cameras

We monitor the beach through surveillance cameras to make sure that the beach does not get polluted and that people are held responsible for their actions.

Your benefits after sponsoring

Being our sponsor will grant you market exposure by aligning your brand with sustainability, enhancing the public perception of your brand, and helping beautify the shorelines and protect our planet in the process. For more information, you can email or call +91 9778 411 911

We look forward to your presence, support, and contributions. Let’s make our beaches clean together!