Cleanup drives do not only involve cleaning up the shorelines. It has a ripple effect on various sectors, starting from the direct impact on the environment to various aspects like the health of both humans and marine life and tourism.


We are protectors of the environment and the life it sustains!
We ensure that the environment we clean is safer and well protected. We preserve the nature treasury through our various activities by addressing the pollution.

Planting Trees

We make sure that we have planted the suitable trees in the right place through the appropriate selection of plant species such as mangroves and other salt-tolerant species, which thereby help in carbon offsetting and improving air quality. Through this initiative, we build a healthy ecosystem, and we maintain it.


We address the increased soil pollution in coastal areas and provide solutions that have to be implemented to avoid the chain reaction resulting from soil contamination. Removing waste accumulated over the soil is essential to keep the soil population healthy. Waste bins are installed to eliminate littering.  


We are involved in keeping our water bodies clean through various initiatives. We analyse the threats and provide solutions by restricting waste entry to land, river, and ponds. We are committed to introducing coastal aquaculture to support the local economy and other native water plants that can improve water quality.

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Due to the rising worldwide focus on the environment, environmental sanitation advantages, such as improved water quality, less environmental deterioration, and higher energy efficiency through waste recycling, should be emphasised.

Beach Clean-up

Clean beaches have many benefits for the marine environment and human health. But polluted beaches have the reverse effect that can damage both. We help remove plastic pollution from the marine ecosystem through our beach clean-up drive and thus protect local wildlife. Through proper community participation, we confirm the presence of all responsible citizens and locals to build a positive attribute and behavioural change towards the planet we live on.

Waste Management System

Waste management decreases the impact of waste on the environment, health, and other factors. It can also assist in reusing or recycling commodities such as paper, cans, and glass. We ensure that a proper waste management practice exists on the beach sides. We do it by installing trash bins, proper waste segregation, and recycling with the support of both government and non-government parties. Let’s make our coastlines trash free.

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Indian beaches are more than a vast stretch of sand; they are the point of convergence of two worlds!
The aspect of health is not restricted to human beings settled around the coastlines; it also includes marine beings. We aim to prevent water-borne diseases, promote responsible fishing, reduce plastic pollution, regulate microplastics etc.

Marine Ecosystem

Healthy oceans host a large variety of biodiversity, high water quality, few or no introduced species, and no traces of pollutants. Our primary focus areas will be to tackle marine debris, ghost nets (which entangle sharks, turtles, and other marine living creatures), microplastics, thermocol particles, and medical waste disposal on beaches.

Coastal Area Population

In ponds near veli tourist village, Stagnant waters have become a breeding ground for water-borne diseases. Plastic has managed to enter the food chain; research reports show the shocking presence of microplastics in the blood and womb of human beings, thus creating an alarming situation.

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People travel more than ever in search of new experiences and escape from the stresses of daily life. The sandy beach and the sound of the ocean will provide the perfect spot to relax. Besides, tourism is the world’s one of the most significant economic activity, earning governments foreign income and employing many local people.

Beach Beautification

A beautiful beach would naturally encourage visitors to keep it clean and refrain from littering. Painted pavements, art installations, sustainable decorations, and awareness boards featuring sea creatures and marine life will educate people, especially children, on uniting against marine littering.

Wall Paintings

The walls around and near the beach area, the platform of lifeguard rooms, restrooms, parks, and benches will be adorned with beautiful paintings full of colours and messages. The involvement of the public in these activities will popularise the event, and the sustainable life lessons will benefit all.

Beach Mela

Beaches across India usually have unique, rocky, party-friendly, blue water features. Hence, the beach’s identity can be promoted through an annual beach mela that will be conducted by promoting local vendors and the native culture and stories that will attract the crowd and promote tourism.

Sand Sculptures

Hosting sand sculpture competitions will bring together local artists, and the event will send visitors a meaningful and powerful message about climate change. This can be coupled with workshops, bicycle stunts, street food delicacies, awareness skits, and other activities to garner public interest.

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